Thanks for visiting my page! I’m Lianne Castelino and here’s my story.

From the earliest age, I was fascinated by stories — hearing them, writing them and telling them.

Drawing pictures to accompany the stories I wrote brought my words to life, adding a visual element to this important craft.

So in many ways it stood to reason that my deep passion for storytelling led me to begin my career as a television journalist.


Since day one and every single day since, I am always mindful of what a gift it is to be a journalist.

To be able to enter the lives of complete strangers, earn their trust, have, empower them to reveal intensely personal pieces of themselves, and then entrust me to accurately, objectively report their side — it is a gift, a responsibility and a duty that I take very seriously.

Interviewing has always been one of my strengths. People tell me stuff. They tell me a lot of stuff. Freely and without hesitation. That too, is a gift.


“I am continually mindful of what a gift it is to be a journalist.”


Peering into the lives strangers, condensing the most important elements of their story — evidenced in of hours of interviews and video footage — and form into a compelling, impactful, visual finished product, is what I do best.


My profession has afforded me an incredible lens, expansive perspective, greater understanding of and empathy for how each of our journeys is so different and why that is, but also the commonalities that bind us and weave our stories and experiences together.


”People don’t have to share their story with you.
I’m thankful when they choose to let me enter into their world.”


I’ve been fortunate to practice my craft in various ways: television, radio, author, magazine, web and script writer, blogger, content creator, communications, public relations, marketing, videographer, photographer, digital media producer.


Having a window seat in the classroom of life has and continues to be a cherished gift.